Okay! Time for us to embark on an entirely new kind of adventure! Starting this week, we are going to be producing a video series and podcast. Our goal is to have informal conversations with community leaders and event organizers around the world to see what makes their communities tick.

Over the twelve months since Jeff first jokingly invoked the #JeffAndJonsExcellentAdventure hashtag, we have had many conversations about what this whole “adventure” is all about. The answer surprises some people. Because for us, it all comes down to community. Our adventure is not specifically about the places we go or the events where we speak. It is the people.

And for us, “community” means many different things. Yes, we can be referencing a conference, meetup, or other event. But because community is about the people, we really are talking about the people of a given geographic region, or an underrepresented demographic group, or even supporters of a particular technology stack.

Each community has its own story and its own leaders. And each leader brings his or her own unique perspective. This new show will be our attempt to chat with friends and peers from around the globe, sharing ideas and investigating the ways in which we are all unique, while also recognizing our global commonalities.

We are excited! Neither of us has published any kind of show or podcast before, so bear with us as we learn. We have a number of episodes already scheduled. We hope to bring the global community a bit closer together.

Our request to everyone else: Let us know what you think. Share your ideas. Introduce us to other community leaders with stories to tell and goals to champion. Join the adventure…

Jeff and Jon